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The Big Year 2011 เดอะ บิ๊ก เยียร์ ขอบิ๊กสักปีนะ HD

102 min

ประเทศ: CanadaUnited States

ผู้กำกับ: David Frankel

ดารานักแสดง: Jack BlackJoel McHaleJohn CleeseKevin PollakMichael Karl RichardsOwen WilsonRosamund PikeStacey ScowleySteve MartinZahf Paroo

หมวดหมู่: ดูหนัง HD, ดูหนังพากย์ไทย, ดูหนังภาพยนตร์, ดูหนังออนไลน์, ดูหนังเก่า

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In birding, a Big Year is seeing or hearing as many different species of birds as possible in a calendar year. Three men pursue the Birder of the Year title: Kenny Bostick, who’s seen a record 732 in a past big year, Stu Preissler, newly retired, and Brad Harris, who narrates the story. Life gets in the way: Bostick’s wife wants a baby, Stu’s firm needs him for sensitive negotiations, and Brad, divorced and underemployed at 36, has an encouraging mom and a disapproving dad. They criss-cross the continent (including a trip to Alaska’s westernmost island), follow migration patterns, and head for storms that force birds to ground. Who will win, at what cost, and with what rewards? Written by